>> Cottonwood Community Gardens

Cottonwood Gardens started in 1991, when a group of community activists began clearing a dump site to create garden plots. Nearby Strathcona Community Garden was filled to capacity, but the demand for additional community gardening sites was still high.

In 1992, the activists applied to the City to formally recognize and protect their work, and the City agreed to extend the existing lease for Strathcona Garden to include the new site. From that point on, garden infrastructure was slowly developed with grants from the Vancouver Foundation, which helped the gardeners install an irrigation system, and from VanCity's EnviroFund, which helped develop the gardens as a showplace for sustainable practices. Private garden plots are rented for $15 per year, which covers the cost of infrastructure and maintenance of the water supply system.

Garden features include:

  • a community composting project that encourages composting among people in the community, as well as accepting food waste from wholesalers and other grocery stores in the area;
  • the use of permaculture and mulching techniques;
  • a recreational area and a wetland to catch rainwater and provide
    habitat for frogs, ducks, songbirds, and small mammals.


Category: Urban Agriculture
Project: Cottonwood Community Gardens
Address: Malkin Street between Hawks and Raymur
c/o Strathcona Community Centre
601 Keefer Street
Vancouver BC V6A 3V8
Phone/Fax: (604) 251-9002 or (604) 255-9466