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    EYA is a community development organization dedicated to improving our physical and social environment through hands-on community projects that involve, train and employ young people. - EYA web site

In 1989, a group of young people concerned about environment degradation formed a non-profit group called the Environmental Youth Alliance. In its early days, the group took part in wilderness protection campaigns in areas such as Carmanah Valley and Clayoquot Sound. Gradually, however, the EYA shifted focus to the creation of sustainable urban environments. The main goal of EYA is to build an environmentally and socially just community through sustainable development. Its primary method for meeting this goal is the empowerment and participation of local community youth in all its activities. Over the years, its many training programs have provided numerous youth with skills training in areas such as construction, permaculture and business development.

Some of EYA's ongoing projects include:

  • The Youth Garden, a space in Cottonwood Community Garden where youth can learn about urban farming techniques and habitat restoration from peers in a supportive environment. Features of the garden include a passive solar greenhouse, demonstrations of composting and permaculture techniques, fruit tree espaliers, a herb garden from which traditional personal care products are produced, a native plant garden, a mushroom house, a restored wetland area, and art projects.
  • Biodiesel Initiative, a joint initiative with UBC that converts used cooking oil produced on campus into fuel for use in the university vehicle fleet.
  • Green Workplace Program, which provides energy and waste audits to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Awareness and empowerment programs, including workshops on food security and youth governance.
  • Curriculum materials development, providing teachers with resources for environmental education.
  • Seed Propagation Program, which produces and sells fruit, vegetable and flower seeds suited to the local climate.

The Environmental Youth Alliance has been recognized as the “Most Outstanding Youth Environmental Organization” at both the provincial and federal levels.

The biodiesel project converts used cooking oil into fuel for UBC vehicles



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