The EcoCafé Sustainability Centre

The EcoCafé Sustainability Centre is a project of a growing group of mostly youth who have been working together and building partnerships since November 1996. Its vision is to establish an ecological learning centre that is environmentally and socially sustainable as well as economically self-sufficient.
The centre's main goals are:
  • to bring to light techniques, technologies, and principles that are ecologically sustainable and appropriate to the diversity of residents in our city and region
  • to recognize that nurturing healthy relationships, whether between individuals, social groups, or ecosystems, is essenctial if we are to improve and ensure the quality of life for all on the planet;
  • to create meaningful work for young people and provide a model of community economic development for others to follow, adapt, and build on.
The EcoCafé will be a community learning centre, a display space for environmentally friendly technologies and healthy building materials, and a meeting place for discussion, debate, music, art, and healthy food. It will include a permaculture garden, composting bins, a solar aquatics wastewater treatment system, and solar energy technologies. It will be located near Science World, next to the proposed model sustainable community at Southeast False Creek, and housed in an existing gazebo structure. Initially, funding will be provided by grants and donations; however, the centre aims to be self-funding through café revenues and the sale of organic bedding starts grown in the solar aquatics greenhouse.

Category: Urban Sustainability/ Sustainable Technologies / Youth Employment
Project: The EcoCafé Sustainability Centre
Address: c/o 2150 Maple Street, Vancouver BC V6J 3T3
Phone: (604) 739-7244
Fax: (604) 736-7115
Contact: Allison Campbell or Magnus Bein