Evergreen Organics

Marian Halle and Jared Irwin inititated both the Community Shared Agriculture project and its business offspring,Evergreen Organics. They wanted to pursue a lifestyle that had a minimal impact on the environment. And they wanted to demonstrate alternatives to the wasteful, and environmentally destructive practices of agribusiness.
Today, Halle and Irwin spend fifty hours a week on Evergreen Organics. Yet they also manage to volunteer with the Vancouver Temperate Rainforest Action Coalition and the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC). In the summer of 1997, they organized an Alternative Housing Project in Bella Coola, with the Nuxaulk Nation, which involves building houses using cob-an ancient construction material made of clay, sand, soil and straw.
In 1997, Halle and Irwin received an Ethics in Action Award by VanCity in the category of "Ongoing Social Responsibility".
The operation of Evergreen Organics:
  • fresh produce is picked up from several of the organic every Wednesday (the participating organic farms are spread out from Aldergrove and Surrey to the Okanagon)
  • it is packed into reusable waxed, organic cardboard boxes on the same day and the boxes are delivered that night
  • a bicycle courier is hired to deliver the boxes to several customers in the West End, an action taken to reduce impact on the environment
  • boxes arrive full of fresh vegetables and fruits each week at the customers' door step (the customers can also order organic honey, free-range eggs and a range of dry goods)
  • customers pay and order weekly, which gives them the opportunity to skip a week if needed
  • all fruits are 'songbird friendly'or pesticide-free.
Category: Green Business
Organization: Evergreen Organics
Phone: (604) 871-1132
Fax: (604) 873-9665
E-mail: evergreenorganic@alternative.com
Contact: Marian Halle or Jared Irwin