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The Institute of Urban Ecology (IUE) at Douglas College conducts a number of programs aiming to increase awareness of the importance of nature in the city, as well as to better integrate natural and developed spaces into the urban fabric. The institute conducts inventories of natural habitat and species, provides workshops in environmental education, and works to rehabilitate, enhance and link together urban natural areas. Several of its programs are described below.

  • Greenlinks
    Initiated in 1996, the Greenlinks Program aims to connect fragments of environmentally sensitive land with corridors of native vegetation. Its main purpose is to increase plant and animal biodiversity in areas where plant and animal species have declined due to loss of habitat.

    A central aspect of all Greenlinks projects is the involvement of neighboring communities. The IUE staff works to inform project neighbours about the importance of native plant habitat, and to gain an understanding of neighbourhood use and perception of green space corridors. The involvement of community members as project volunteers is also encouraged.

  • Elementary School Greening
    For the past several years the Institute has been working with elementary school students to plant native species on area school grounds. The IUE develops a design plan, orders and delivers plants, and works with students, teachers and parent volunteers to plant them. The staff of the Institute also teaches students about the plant species and the benefits of native plant habitat.

  • Native Plant Propagation
    The IUE established the Native Plant Propagation Program in 1997 to provide a ready supply of native plant species for the Greenlinks Project. The program works with high school students to provide hands-on training in propagating plants from seedlings and cuttings, and field experience in collecting seeds and cuttings and planting out new seedlings. The program is currently on hold due to lack of resources.


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