The Living Wall Garden Project

The Living Wall Garden Project, a youth-led initiative, evolved from the New Work project of the New Work in Action Mentor Group, a mentorship program for youth. The idea for the New Work project emerged after the group was inspired by a talk given by University of Michigan philosopher and academic Frithjof Bergmann.
The philosophy of New Work encourages entrepreneurialism in groups based on ecologically sustainable technologies. It also encourages people to look for business opportunities that are necessary and nurturing to the community and that create meaningful work suited to their individual passions and interests.
Having researched gardening techniques and learned from master gardeners, local youth carried out phase one of the project from June to October of 1996. This phase involved planting three vertical garden containers on the balcony of the English Bay Aquatic Centre. Training in business development and New Work philosophy has provided valuable job and life skills to the participants, who have also learned gardening techniques from a wide variety of community mentors.
During phase one of the project, participants met with other local youth groups as well as the staff of the Dusk till Dawn Street Youth Resource Center. The idea of phase two of the project is to an interest in gardening among the youth.
The Living Wall Garden project entails:
  • to promoting innovative forms of urban agriculture
  • creating alternatives for future city design while strengthening relationships between street-involved youth, seniors, families, businesses, and service organizations
  • hands-on projects such as gardening and art work (a garden and art mural was completed on September 20, 1997)
  • workshops at a public educational site with audio-visual capabilities (participants are coordinating gardening clubs for local residents in order to maintain ongoing care of the gardens, a project which is currently operating under the umbrella of Farm Folk/ City Folk and has received funding from both public and private sources).
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