Newstech is a private company owned by a B.C. company, Balaclava Enterprises. It began operation in November of 1991 and today employs about seventy workers. The plant recycles old newspapers and magazines into pulp for the manufacturing of newsprint, telephone directory paper, and other paper grades. It produces five hundred tonnes of de-inked pulp per day from the recovered paper, much of which would previously have been destined for landfills.
Amongst the highlights of the operation:
  • the company buys recovered paper in B.C., throughout Western Canada, and the U.S.
  • for the process of de-inking, the company uses an assortment of advanced technologies from around the world
  • two main components of the process include an alkaline loop for the initial processing of raw material and an acid loop to finish the processing
  • pulping, flotation, cleaning, and brightening, are done if needed
  • process effluent is handled in two treatment facilities (40 percent of plant effluent is re-used in the recycling process)
  • process water is cleaned and re-used in the process at a rate of fifty thousand liters per minute
  • solid waste is de-watered by screw presses and used as a conditioner
  • heat for the plant is supplied by package boilers fired by oil, natural gas, and methane from an adjacent abandoned landfill site
  • the plant is open for public viewing, and the company provides tours for the public
Category: Waste Management
Organization: Newstech
Address: 1050 United Boulevard, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6V4
Phone: (604) 525-2379
Fax: (604) 525-7984
Contact: Dan Orlando (Mill Manager)