Bat & Barn Owl Projects in Stanley Park

The Stanley Park Conservation Committee established the Bat Conservation Project and the Barn Owl Nesting Restoration Project in response to the growing need to enhance habitat for these species. Both projects provide public education programs that offer information on these and other at-risk species.

The Bat Conservation Project aims to:

  • identify bat species and their local habitat
  • construct and install roosting and breeding facilities to increase dwindling populations
  • monitor and maintain record bat species, numbers, and usage of boxes

The Barn Owl Nesting Restoration Project aims to:

  • educate landowners with nesting sites to ensure coexistence with Barn Owls
  • provide nest boxes for roosting and nesting
  • monitor and track young owls

Habitat restoration and enhancement projects are becoming more necessary with increasing urban development. It is projects like these that will enable future generations to enjoy a world rich in species diversity.

Category: Habitat Restoration
Project: Bat Conservation Project/ Barn Owl Nesting Restoration Project
Address: Rose Garden Cottage, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.
Phone: (604) 257-8528, Fax: (604) 257-8378
Contact: Mike Macintosh