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Located to the south of Vancouver, Burns Bog is one of the largest raised dome bogs in North America. It is globally significant and plays a key role in the ecology of the Fraser River delta. Its 3000 hectares provide habitat for numerous species of plants and animals found nowhere else in the Lower Mainland, including several threatened and endangered species. Over the past century approximately one quarter of the bog has been lost to development, and what remains has been seriously compromised by drainage ditches and peat mining.

The Burns Bog Conservation Society was formed in 1988 with the goal of "conserving and preserving Burns Bog for all life in perpetuity." The society works to increase public support for protection of the bog through annual awareness events, bog tours, school presentations, and distribution of information packages and videos. The society has aided in the re-opening of the Delta Nature Reserve, a protected area covering approximately 5 percent of the bog. The reserve is open to visitors and features trails and interpretive materials. The society has also been at the forefront of opposition to the numerous development plans put forward over the years which have threatened to further erode the integrity of the bog.

The society's tireless efforts to generate local, provincial and national awareness of the bog's importance played a large role in the decision to protect over 2000 hectares of the bog in the spring of 2004. This bog reserve will be managed by the province, the regional district and the local municipality, with an emphasis on protecting and restoring the ecological functions of the bog.


For further information: See the Burns Bog Ecosystem Review, March 2000, which describes the bog in detail and lays out the case for its protection:

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