>> Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden

  The garden's 230 square metre site provides an impressive example of intensive pesticide-free agriculture in an urban setting. When it was first developed in 1982, the focus of the demonstration garden was to show how much food can be grown in a city yard, and to give novice gardeners hands-on experience in gardening techniques. In 1990, when local and regional governments started initiatives to reduce the amount of organic matter being landfilled, the garden’s focus shifted to the demonstration of composting techniques. City Farmer, a non-profit organization, runs the garden.

Current garden programs and features include:

  • outdoor bin and worm composting workshops for adults and children in both English and French;
  • operation of a telephone hotline for residents of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, providing information on composting, bin distribution, and green waste programs;
  • on-site demonstration of composting technology and techniques;
  • an on-site, functioning composting toilet;
  • a small structure demonstrating cob building techniques, and
  • demonstration of rain water collection and storage systems.


Category: Urban Agriculture
Project: Compost Demonstration Garden
Address: 2150 Maple Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6J 3T3
Composting Hotline: (604) 736-2250
Contacts: Sharon Slack (Head Gardener)
Spring Gillard (Compost Hotline Operator)
Web site: http://www.cityfarmer.org/demogarden2.html