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    The Co-operative Auto Network (CAN) is a not-for-profit co-operative venture incorporated to foster car sharing as an alternative to the privately-owned automobile. We believe CAN is an environmentally-responsible and economically-sound choice for many people's mobility needs. Through car sharing we aim to improve air quality, reduce stresses on green space and eliminate many non-point sources of pollution.
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Started in 1993, CAN now manages over 90 vehicles in Greater Vancouver, Whistler and on Vancouver Island. The co-op provides its 1,700-plus members with most of the benefits of auto use and few of the hassles. Members can book a vehicle over the phone or via the Internet for as little as 30 minutes or for as long as they want, according to a variety of subscription plans designed for frequent and occasional users. Hourly and per kilometer usage fees cover all costs, including insurance, cleaning, vehicle maintenance, automobile association membership, permit parking fees and even gasoline.

CAN allows those who couldn’t otherwise afford a car the opportunity to use them when needed. Just as importantly, it allows people who don’t need a car on a daily basis to forego ownership of their own vehicle. For most members, not owning a car means that unnecessary vehicle trips are reduced, because spur of the moment trips are made on foot, by bike, or by transit instead.

CAN is currently involved in two new innovative projects:

Commuter Car Sharing – a pilot project developed in conjunction with the regional transportation authority, TransLink – enables commuters to use transit for a portion of their trip to work by making vehicles available near transit stations for travel to transit-inaccessible destinations, such as office and industrial parks.

In the condominium car sharing project, CAN has agreed to manage seven car-share vehicles provided by a developer for the residents of a new downtown condominium tower. When completed in 2005, this project will be the first car co-op tied into a residential real estate development in North America.


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