Delta Compost Demonstration Garden

The Compost Demonstration Project is an initiative of the Delta Recycling Society, which promotes and facilitates environmental awareness and waste reduction. The Delta Recycling Society, founded three years ago, is involved in many projects including processing recyclable material, while providing services that address employment and access barriers for challenged individuals.

The project site encompasses about an acre of land where there are seven theme gardens: a woodland garden, a habitat garden, a native plants of Delta garden, a butterfly garden, a wildflower meadow garden, a dry garden, and a heritage garden. Each of the gardens emphasizes important aspects of an ecological approach to gardening. Community allotment gardens are available, and tours and workshops are held to promote public awareness of and participation in ecological approaches to home gardening.

Delta Recycling Society's Compost Demonstration Project is designed to promote awareness of composting as a means of reducing organic waste by diverting compost material from landfills creating a valuable resource (composting is nature's way of recycling organic matter into soil).

  • The demonstration garden displays a variety of composters specifically designed for urban settings:
  • eight composters are maintained, of which three are worm composters and the rest backyard composters (worm composters have only food waste in them, while backyard composters have food waste as well as a variety of materials from the site)
  • bedding material for worms is provided in each type of composter, and the composters are kept in contact with the soil to allow an entry site for the worms
  • micro-organisms help break down garden and kitchen waste in these moist, warm, and aerated environments
Category: Waste Management
Organization: Delta Recycling Society
Project: Delta Compost Demonstration Garden
Address: 7046 Brown Street, Delta, BC V4G 1G8
Phone: (604) 946-9828
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Contact: Helena Kraushaar