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  Started in 1995, the Earthwise Garden is an initiative of the Delta Recycling Society, which promotes “the creation of a sustainable community by empowering individuals to take responsibility for social, economic and environmental well-being.” The society runs many projects, including community recycling, vocational services and educational programs.

The garden site encompasses half a hectare of land and includes seven theme gardens: a woodland garden, a habitat garden, a garden featuring the native plants of Delta, a butterfly garden, a wildflower meadow garden, a dry garden, and a heritage garden. The gardens features interpretive signs throughout, which enable the motivated visitor to gain an appreciation of the techniques used at the site. In addition, tours, workshops, and apprenticeships are available to promote public awareness of and expertise in sustainable approaches to home gardening, including water conservation, habitat enhancement, mulching, eliminating use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and composting.

The Recycling Society's Compost Demonstration Project is designed to promote awareness of composting as a means for converting organic waste into a soil builder, as well as a way of diverting material from landfills. The Earthwise garden displays a variety of composters specifically designed for urban settings, including worm and backyard composters.

Community allotment plots are available so that families and individuals can grow vegetables, fruit and flowers themselves.

Unfortunately, community recycling has ceased at the garden site, and the long-term future of the garden itself is uncertain. Contact the Delta Recycling Society for more information.


Category: Waste Management
Organization: Delta Recycling Society
Project: Delta Compost Demonstration Garden
Address: 7046 Brown Street, Delta, BC V4G 1G8
Phone: (604) 946-9828
Fax: (604) 946-3823
E-mail: earth@drsociety.bc.ca
Web site: http://www.drsociety.bc.ca/