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    The EcoDesign Resource Society (EDRS) is a not-for-profit organization which promotes environmentally responsible ('green') design, planning and development practices through research, education and communication. In the main, EDRS acts as a resource and forum for discussion on green design. As a non-profit, non-political, professionally-oriented group, it has been instrumental in promoting more environmentally-responsible development practices in B.C. - EDRS web site

The society was started in 1992 to provide difficult-to-find information on sustainable design to the public and industry. Since its inception, EDRS has provided information on environmentally responsible design through exhibitions, symposiums, panel discussions, building tours, speaker series and publications. Areas of interest include planning and design at the site and community level, energy efficiency and alternative energy sources, water conservation, and waste reduction.

More recently, the society has begun to play a role as an on-line resource, using its web site as an information portal for linking planning professionals, students, the design/ building and manufacturing industries, and the public with information on sustainable and healthy design practices and products.

EDRS has also established an open list serve for the exchange of ideas and information


Category: Urban Design
Project: Ecodesign Resource Society
Address: P. O. Box 3981 Main Post office
Vancouver, BC V6B 3Z4
E-mail: edrs@4sustainability.com
Web site: www.vcn.bc.ca/edrs