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The Eco-Pavilion, located in Strathcona Community Garden, has the distinction of being the first public building in Vancouver to be granted a permit for the use of environmentally sustainable energy and waste treatment systems. The project was a collaboration of the Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA), the Strathcona Community Garden Association, BARE Architects, and Youth Services Canada. It was constructed in 1997 by a group of young women who gained valuable building experience through their work on the project. 

The Eco-Pavilion provides a self-sufficient, environmentally- friendly building for seed storage, food preparation and educational workshops in the community garden.

The building’s environmentally-friendly features include:

  • use of selectively harvested and recycled wood from Gabriola Island and Wildwood Forest on Vancouver Island to reduce pressure on old growth forests;.
  • use of photovoltaic cells for all lighting and electrical needs to reduce energy related emissions;
  • recycling of grey water from sinks through a gravel and aquatic plant purification system to reduce water consumption, allow watering during drought periods, and capture of nutrients for plant growth;
  • use of a composting toilet to convert human waste into fertilizer for the surrounding gardens, while reducing waste going off site and conserving water.

By utilizing environmentally sustainable technologies, the Eco-Pavilion is leading the way to a clean, green future.


Category: Green Buildings
Project: Eco-Pavilion
Address: 700 Prior Street
Strathcona Community Gardeners Society
c/o Strathcona Community Centre
601 Keefer Street Vancouver BC  V6A 3V8
Phone: (604) 253 4718 or (604) 253 3384