Farm Folk / City Folk Society

Janice Lotzkar and Herb Barbolet established Farm Folk/City Folk as a nonprofit organization in 1993. Janice Lotzkar was a restaurateur. Herb Barbolet had a background in farming. They both recognized the lack of cooperation–and the potential for collaboration–between chefs and local farmers. Local chefs have a strong influence on food trends in the city. By purchasing locally grown and organic produce, they can help to build a healthy, just and sustainable food system in B.C.

Farm Folk/City Folk:

  • networks with other organizations in order to develop food policy, plan and implement community food security projects, support sustainable agriculture, promote local food economies and self-reliance and foster a global awareness of food policy and food security
  • conducts a broad public advocacy campaign that makes use of radio, television, magazines, newspapers, the Internet (including bulletin board service), a resource library, public speaking events, conferences, forums, workshops, celebrations and festivals
  • carries out research in a wide range of areas including agroforestry, local histories of food use and production, agricultural land use, as well as other aspects of B.C.'s food system
  • works in concert with many other grass roots organizations on local projects. These include: the Living Wall Garden Project, which is a youth-led experiment in inner-city gardening; and Colony Farms, a regional park with partnerships of groups working to incorporate wildlife protection, agriculture and recreation together into a new relationship.

Organization: Farm Folk/City Folk Society
Address: Suite 208, 2211 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V6K 4S2
Phone: (604) 730-0450
Toll free in B.C.: 1-800-730-0452
Fax: (604) 730-0451
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