Glen Valley Organic Farm

Glen Valley Organic Farm, located adjacent to the Fraser River in Mount Lehman, B.C., presents a wonderful example of community participation for sustainable agricultural. The farm is a member of Langley Organic Growers, a cooperative that provides certified organic produce for the Vancouver Farmers Markets. The fifty acre farm is currently in the process of becoming a cooperative itself.

The objective of the farm is to "feed and educate present and future generations by cooperatively holding, stewarding and sustainably farming the land". The farm has set several goals that will help them achieve the success of their mission:

  • To provide certified organic food for Coop members & the local community
  • To own and operate the farm cooperatively
  • To steward the entire farm for the mutual benefit of the land, wildlife and people
  • To model of sustainable living
  • To create opportunities to learn about sustainability

Achievements of the farm:

  • certification by BCARA (B.C. Association for Regenerative Agriculture), an independent certifying agency for organic growers.
  • use of crop rotation, cover crops, natural fertilizers (rock dusts, bone meal, hoof and horn meal, alfalfa meal).
  • control of pests by sprays made from plants, beneficial insects, companion planting and hand picking.
  • successful harvests of organic crops including: carrots, potatoes, broccoli, peas, artichokes, beans, corn, squash, cukes, cauliflower, and celery.
  • recent creation of an apple orchard containing twenty-five varieties of heritage apples
  • Category: Agriculture
    Project: Glen Valley Organic Farm Cooperative
    Address: 8550 Bradner Road, Mt. Lehman, B.C., V4X 2H5
    Phone: (604) 857-0017
    Contact: Susan Davidson