The Citizen's Handbook
Organizing and community building guide


 Center for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology
Top site. For others click related net sites on Solstice
 Internat'nal Institute for Sustainable Development
Wonderful, user friendly Canadian site.
Sustainable Cities
Lots of links with short descriptions
 Whole Systems
Yahoo's Environment and Nature Hotlist
Lots of pointers; a good place to start research
 Worldwatch Institute
  Earth Negotiations Bulletin linkages
A1 daily news re international enviro negotiations
New Urban Agenda
Green Clips
Biweekly summary of news on sustainable design
The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
Do-it-yourself tools for an independent lifestyle
 Resource Renewal Institute
Multilingual site focussing on Green Plans
Environmental Organization Web Directory
"Earth's Biggest Environment Search Engine"
Center Excellence for Sustainable Development
Great US DoE site. Has Sustainable Development Toolkit
 Sustainable Communities Network (SCN)
One of the best sites on sustainable communities
 Sustainable Sources
Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Network
Large US Department of Energy site. Can keyword search
 Sustainable Seattle
Indicators of Sustainability measure Seattles's progess
 Sustainable Communities Resource Package
From the Ontario Envronment & Economy Roundtable
 Urban Ecology
Aims at ecologically & socially healthy cities worldwide
 British Columbia Organizations
 Transport 2000
 Recycling Council of BC
 SPEC Newsletter
 Alternatives Information
Information re social change
 Evergreen Foundation
Enhances or re-introduces natural environs in cities
 The Composte Resource Page
 Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy People
 World Resource Foundation
 Air & Waste Management Association
 Recycler's World
Geothermal Heat / Straw Bale Building
 IEA Heat Pump Centre
 Canadian Earth Energy Association
 Masonry Heater Association
 Masonry Stove Builders
  Green Builder
Renewable Energy
 Internet Sources on Transportation
 Internat'l Human Powered Vehicle Assoc
electric bikes and scooters

 Citizenship /Community Development

Community Organizing
Huge how-to resource
Study Circles Resource Centre
Great site - has how-to manuals for study circles
National (US) Issues Forums
Project helps people to come to public judgment
Civic Practices Network
Great site full of stuff
Kettering Foundation
Key US democracy building, research/publishing
The Municipal League of King County
Facilitates citizen juries that rate ballot candidates
The Institute for Healthy Communities
The Local Government Institute
Based at the University of Victoria
Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Canadian municipalities focus on common concerns
Conflict Resolution Internet-Resources
City Net Table of Contents
Groups Exploring Politics & The Net

City of Vancouver, & British Columbia

 Vancouver CommunityNet
Government of British Columbia
Freedom of Information and Privacy Office
City of Vancouver Home Page
City of Vancouver Public Involvement Guide
Find Community-Based Organizations
Council Agendas, Minutes and Reports
City of Vancouver: Community Profiles
Neighbourhood Integrated Service Teams
 E-Mail Vancouver Mayor and Council
Tell them what you think

Planning, Cities, Neighbourhoods

 Intenational City/County Management Assoc
Neighborhood Traffic Calming
Seattle Net
Prostitution in Canada

Progressive Sites

 OneWorld Online Home Page
Essential.ORG WWW Server
The Progressive Directory @igc
Corporate Watch
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives


Proportional Representation Library
Teledemocracy Democracy
Voter Education Projects
National Election Studies