Mission Municipal Forest

The MMF comprises 10,400 hectares of land. Until 1993, it was the only municipal forest that had a Tree Farming License. The original purpose of the license was to reduce local unemployment and provide a wood source for local mills.
The MMF aims at creating balanced forest management policies, with long term tenure, that will provide the basis for a lasting relationship with the land. It now provides:
  • steady local employment, and revenue for public capital projects
  • forest resource management through controlled harvesting
  • input into watershed management
  • educational tours to students and members of the public
  • recreation activities including lake sports, trail riding, picnicking and hiking trails.
Future management goals include:
  • community stability
  • increased long-range planning, public input and involvement, investigating value-added or localized manufacturing opportunities
  • avoidance of slash-burning and herbicide use, and using small scattered cutblocks with prompt reforestation.
Category: Forest Management
Project: Mission Municipal Forest (MMF)
Address: 8645 Stave Lake Street, Box 20, Mission, BC V2L 4L9
Phone: (604) 820-3762
Fax: (604) 826-8633
Contact: Kim Allen (Director of Forest Management)