The Native Plant Propagation Program

The Institute of Urban Ecology established the Native Plant Propagation Program in 1997 after realizing the difficulties in obtaining appropriate plant species for the Green Links Project. The two most apparent solutions are to salvage plants from local development sites, and to propagate them from seeds and cuttings. The Institute established a connection with high schools in the Lower mainland to facilitate the propagation of native plant species in an educational environment. The program encourages youth to experience field and hands on training in order to connect with the environment of which they are part, while gaining marketable skills and training.

Project Accomplishments:

  • Five high schools propagated 4000 plants last year, and planted almost 800 plants at various enhancement events.
  • A nursery at Colony Farm Regional Park was created to house propagated plants awaiting planting, and for storage of salvaged plants.

The Project provides:

  • materials and supplies to schools to begin a propagation program
  • field trips supervised by the Institute of Urban Ecology staff that involve the collection of native plant seeds and cuttings for processing, preparation and planting by students.
  • in-class presentations that discuss the importance of the project along with related environmental issues such as biodiversity.

Category: Environmental Education
Organization: Institute of Urban Ecology
Project: The Native Plant Propagation Program
Address: 700 Royal Avenue, Box 2530, New Westminster, BC ,V3J 5B2
Phone: (604) 527-5522, Fax: (604) 527-5095
Contact: Kelly Fujibayashi (Program Coordinator)