The Planting Seeds Project

The Planting Seeds Project aims at increasing the genetic diversity of seeds. Seventy five percent of world genetic diversity in seeds has already been lost, making many human food systems vulnerable to failure.

The Planting Seeds Project started with eighteen farmers across B.C. in 1991. They created eighteen trial diversity gardens, where they grew out many different kinds of seeds without the use of chemical fertilizers. Presently, farmers and home owners in Canada and sixteen other countries are involved in planting unusual seed varieties.

The main objectives of the project are to:

  • encourage the organic food industry to be mindful of its seed sources
  • conduct workshops to educate and inspire farmers and other small scale growers
  • assist small communities in conducting seed swaps
  • help farmers learn how to hand-pollinate
  • network with scientists and growers internationally to establish ideas and programs related to genetic diversity
  • seek sustainable methods for addressing various environmental, social, economic and cultural problems relating to food. 
Contact: Majobe Kaplan
Phone: 604 255 2326