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At Small Potatoes, we believe that small is beautiful. When you buy from us, you make a difference to your local community and the environment with every purchase. We care about safe and sustainable food production systems. We believe that easy access to healthy and wholesome food, ethical products and a clean environment is a basic human right. We buy the best products for our customers, favouring those that are local, organic, wholesome, fairly traded and recycled. - SPUD web site

Starting from a small warehouse in 1998, Small Potatoes Urban Delivery (SPUD) has grown into the major organic food home delivery company in BC, serving well over 4000 customers in the Lower Mainland, Whistler and Southern Vancouver Island. The company success is built upon a winning formula: free home delivery of 100 percent organic produce and other household and grocery products at competitive prices, with convenient on-line and telephone ordering.

SPUD’s principles and policies also bring social and environmental benefits. On the social side, the company strives to source and sell local produce and goods (50 percent of all goods sold are from BC), and to built consumer awareness of the benefits of supporting local growers. It also engages in progressive employment practices, assists local community groups with cash and in-kind donations; and, wherever possible, supports fair trade growers.

SPUD also takes strides to reduce the harmful impacts of the production and
consumption of household goods on the environment:

  • 100% of produce and 50% of all other products sold
    are organically produced, and many household items available through
    SPUD are produced from recycled materials;
  • The company supports the full labeling of goods and, wherever possible,
    does not stock foods containing GMOs or those produced on factory farms
    (including salmon) or products tested on animals; and
  • SPUD also strives to reduce its in-house environmental impacts, by
    minimizing its waste stream, purchasing green power certificates from
    BC Hydro, using bicycles for home delivery in some neighborhoods,
    and powering some of its vehicles with natural gas and propane.

Of course, one of the major benefits associated with shopping at SPUD
is the reduction in automobile trips to and from the grocery store.


Category: Green Business
Company: Small Potatoes Urban Delivery
Address: 1660 E Hastings St Vancouver BC V5L 1S6
Phone: (604) 215-7783, Fax: (604) 215-1264
E-mail: vancouver@spud.ca
Web site: www.spud.ca/index.cfm